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ISO Program

At SurgePays, we recognize the dynamic evolution of the ISO (Independent Sales Organizations) market for wireless top-ups over the past 15 years. That’s why we are proud to introduce our very own MVNO, LinkUp Mobile, complete with exclusive spiffs and incentives that we control. Understanding the critical value of strengthening relationships with store owners, we have also developed a cutting-edge wholesale e-commerce platform. This platform enables the direct drop-shipping of the top 100 convenience store products straight to your locations. The payment process for all goods is seamlessly integrated with wireless top-ups via ACH, ensuring a streamlined experience for your sales team. All you need to do is create awareness and promote these products, and you’ll enjoy consistent monthly revenue effortlessly. Join us in leading the market with innovative solutions designed to enhance your business success.

  • Weekly Commissions: Enjoy consistent, reliable payouts every week.
  • Dedicated Sales Support Representative: Receive personalized assistance from our expert sales team.
  • Bilingual Store Support (24/7): Access around-the-clock support in English and Spanish.
  • Electronic Contracts (Real-Time) Onboarding: Experience seamless and immediate onboarding with electronic contracts.
  • Multi-Level Reporting for Layered Sales Organizations: Benefit from comprehensive reporting tailored to complex sales structures.
  • Real-Time Back Office Reporting: Stay informed with up-to-the-minute data and insights.
  • POS Marketing Materials, Sales Spiffs, and Promotions: Boost your sales with professional marketing resources and incentive programs.
  • Increase Earnings from Existing Store Relationships: Maximize your revenue potential by leveraging current partnerships.

Dynamic Processing Solutions

SurgePays provides merchants with flexible processing options, offering both a web-based portal and an Android Verifone terminal. Our advanced technology ensures detailed, user-friendly and real-time reporting. Key features include daily reports, clerk activity monitoring, a refund tool, administrative options, and most importantly, clear visibility of your profits. Sign up today to experience seamless transactions and maximize your earnings with SurgePays.

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