About SurgePays, Inc.

SurgePays, Inc. is meeting the needs of underserved markets in financial technology, telecommunications, and digital media. It offers prepaid wireless and underbanked financial products and services, along with popular consumer goods, to retail merchants (such as operators of convenience stores, bodegas, and gas stations) that address the needs of many store customers nationwide.

The SurgePays system is a fintech software platform that processes third-party prepaid wireless activations and top-ups, gift card activation and loads, and wireless SIM activation. It enables retailers to instantly add credit to any prepaid wireless customer’s account for any carrier, providing the merchant commissioned transactions, increased foot traffic, and customer loyalty. Additionally, SurgePays offers an innovative in-store ACP Program for all merchants, utilizing our online portal or countertop terminal to initiate the customer’s enrollment process.

SurgePays provides a supply-chain marketplace for convenience stores, bodega, and tienda owners. Retailers can order many top-selling products for their store, at a deeper wholesale discount than traditional distribution due to utilizing the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) model.

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